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Great friendly, positive, energetic group exercise. Am always encouraged to push past what i can do and am always satisfied when i do :)

Alamein Lowry Baldivis WA




I love Gemma, she is amazing. I never felt comfortable about exercise and gyms- Gemma has made it easy and relaxed for me with our 1-on-1 sessions.
We share laughs about me falling flat on my face, but I have never been led astray! She keeps allowing me to surprise myself and improve my self-confidence!

Highly recommend this amazing lady!! Thank You Gemma for everything thus-far! ♥

Tracey Richter Baldivis WA


I have been training with Gemma now for nearly two years. She is always introducing new programs to ensure I don't get stale and that my body continues to be challenged. Being in my mid 50's, the work I have done with Gemma has greatly improved my core and overall strength and improved my previously elevated blood pressure. She is always encouraging and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Gemma!!

Marita Baldivis WA

4 weeks!!!


I have been coming to Gemma now for six weeks for pt. I was so nervous when starting but Gemma soon put me at ease. She keeps me motivated and constantly pushes me to do my best. I'm so glad that I found Gemma to help me physically but also mentally. I finally have a big smile on my face again even at training hehe. She is awesome and I will always be back

for more.

Lisa Singleton WA


Gemma is a kind and patient trainer that provides something new in every session, advancing and modifying routines that take you to a new level. I chose One2One for their well priced packages in the Baldivis area but the results and services are fantastic!

Jessica Baldivis WA


Gemma you have made me feel comfortable wearing a dress again. I haven't worn one in a long time. I still have a long way to go but I am very happy with results so fat. Thank you.

Monique Baldivis WA


I trained with Gemma for several months and I highly recommend her. She's a great trainer who really caters to your needs and shows you what you're capable of. Training with Gemma built my confidence up and I always felt so comfortable. I was very sad to leave when I moved away

Bianca Baldivis WA


As I am a really big girl I have always been worried about going to a boot camp . Yesterday I went to my first class and not  only  was I made welcome but I had the whole group encouraging me to push through it. I would highly recommend this group to anyone, yes my bum muscles are killing me  but so its so worth it. It is a group where you dont get looked down on for being fat. Big thank to Gemma, keep up the good work and I will see you three times a week

Sally Baldivis WA


I highly recommend Gemma as a PT and this is my story.


After two decades of smoking and not exercising my health was less than satisfactory. I wanted to make a change and get into a good fitness habit so I decided to engage the services of a PT.


Although there is an abundance of PTs to choose from, I selected Gemma because she has tertiary education in the field and a Cert IV in fitness. In other words, I had total confidence in her abilities.


Another factor that was important for me was that Gemma is not a part-time PT like so many others. I needed someone that was committed and not just looking to top-up their income.


I also needed flexibility with training sessions as I work odd hours, 6 days per week. Gemma was able to devise a training schedule that worked around my needs, not hers.


I asked Gemma to help me pass the beep test in less than 6 weeks. Gemma took the time to get to know me, my lifestyle and eating habits before setting a training schedule.


From the first session, I knew that I had made the right decision. Gemma was hard but fair, always pushing me to achieve harder and harder targets. Exactly was I needed.


After 6 weeks of training (45 minutes session / two days per week), I was able to achieve 8.6 on the beep test and run 5kms in 30 minutes. Not bad for a 43 years old lol


In a nutshell, Gemma undid two decades of poor fitness habits in 6 weeks!  Well done Gemma!  thank you very much!



Baldivis WA


So after 10 years of being sedentary in an office environment, I was extremely unfit and nursing a shoulder issue, which a physio told me was specifically from lack of activity. I also had a goal to quit the office lifestyle and join the Police Force. Problem though - I was 35 and falling apart, and i needed to be a long, long way from the shape i was currently in. Having never been to a PT, I had always been intimidated by fitness instructors stemming from bad experiences in high school and also have never been fond of the bravado that male PT's tend to emulate. 


So, i stumbled across Gemmas advert - Not only were Gemmas prices really fair, but she had loads of experience and was well qualified in nutrition help as well, which i knew went hand in hand. Make no mistake though... she will make you sweat! But 18 months later I am 16kg lighter, fitter than I was in my early 20's and running high scores on the fitness tests in preparation for the Police Force. She has helped my with nutrition, supplementation and is constantly challenging me to step up without being pushy or intimidating. 


I really couldn't recommend Gemma enough. 


Mark H - Baldivis


Gemma is a fantastic personal trainer, she is affordable and worth ever cent! 
She believed in me to help me achieve my goal! 
With her amazing training and guidance I reached my goal of slimming down and toning for my wedding day!

I am so thankful to her for all her help! And on my wedding day I got so many compliments on how “thin” I looked in my tight dress and how amazing my butt looked �

Thanks heaps Gemma!!

Emily - Baldivis WA

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