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Perfect for YOU if you:

  • Have a gym membership but don't know what to do

  • Are unable to get to the gym

  • Have home equipment collecting dust or being used as a clothes horse

  • Stuck doing cardio or group classes in fear of stepping onto the gym floor 

  • Are a FIFO worker or travel for work and need a routine to stick to whilst working away and back at home

  • Are someone who needs to be kept accountable to stay on track with your health and fitness

  • Like to track workouts, body statistics and meals

  • Would like a program to workout at home that is NOT GENERIC and is specifically prescribed to YOU



$65 week
for 12 weeks
  • Unlimited email support

  • Customised training plan that changes monthly

  • Twice weekly email update

  • 20% discount on in person group sessions and challenges

  • 24 hr response time

  • 1 x week Zoom call

  •  Custom nutrition plan

 Book now


  • Unlimited email support

  • Recipe guide

  • Customised training plan

  • Weekly email updates

  • 24 hr response time

  • 1 x monthly Zoom call

Book now
$45 week

for 12 weeks
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