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You Don't Need To Run

It is pretty common to think that the harder you work the better your results. In a sense this is very true however when it comes to our health and fitness we are typically all about punishing ourselves to extremes where we often forget to relax a bit and enjoy the ride.

When starting a fitness journey one of the common things I come across as a trainer is the desire for people to suddenly become runners in the belief this is the most effective way of reaching their goals and achieving a healthy and fit physique. Whilst running does serve many benefits such as increased aerobic capacity, weight loss and endurance it is not the end all of every person wanting to 'get fit and loose weight'.

Walking is such a great way to burn fat. Because of the lower intensity of exertion that it requires compared to other forms of exercise such as interval training, strength training and running the main fuel used for energy when walking is FAT!!! This is because as opposed to those workouts that need the energy immediately (which comes first from glycogen stores in the body) the body is able to take more time to retrieve the energy and therefore can tap into the stored fat.

Now that does not mean that you should ditch those HIIT sessions, bootcamps, strength/weights and just go walking. When you compare total calories burnt between the high and low intensity workouts obviously there are more calories burnt in the high intense session. Even though a greater % of fuel is from fat in the low intense sessions when you weigh it up you will still get better overall results from the high intense sessions.

Therefore whilst our normal "hard" sessions are important, when you go out for a walk don't feel the need to run. You are still doing a great thing for your body and you are allowed to take things down a notch occasionally and just enjoy being active. If you work hard in your "training sessions" use the walk as an enjoying but effective addition to your training program.

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